Data Corruption with Win2K clients & ACT 2000 database

Charles Marcus CharlesM at
Sat Mar 24 20:39:48 GMT 2001

Oh, one more thing -

I read somewhere that SAMBA requires Netbeui on the M$ clients - is this
still the case?

I did NOT have Netbeui installed on the Win2K clients, but they could see
the share, map a drive to it, and access the database very well - aside from
the eventual (30 mins to an hour) corruption of the database (deleting the
indexes and allowing a full rebuild fixes the problem).

Eagerly awaiting some replies


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Subject: Data Corruption with Win2K clients & ACT 2000 database


I read with interest the few posts in the archives discussing problems I
have recently encountered with data corruption of an ACT 2000 database
residing on a Samba 2.07 share, SuSE Linux 7.1 (2.2.28 kernel), with about
25 Win2K clients.

I did not, however, see any apparent resolution to this major problem - I
either am going to have to rebuild from scratch my current Win2K Server, or
(yes, please!) replace it with a Linux box running SAMBA for the Win2K

I had one guy on the SuSE list claim that he was having occasional
corruption of regular document files, though on a much less regular basis
(once every ten days or so), and he says when he upgraded to SuSE 7.1 ***
WITH THE 2.4 KERNEL *** these problems disappeared.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone ever found a resolution to this
problem (going back to WinNT40 or Win98 is not an option per my boss).

TIA for any help/suggestions

Charles Marcus
I.T. Director
Media Brokers International
CharlesM at

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