Archive bit emulation in samba

Allan Frank allan at
Sat Mar 24 19:00:58 GMT 2001

Hello everyone

At work I have a problem. Our backup software that runs on NT gives me
trouble when I have to back up a samba share. Full backup works perfect, but
the problem is that I want to do incremental backups too.

The software on NT determins the files to be backed up by looking at the
archive bit. I know that it can be emulated with map archive = yes, but this
is _quite_ annoying for the people using the linux part (the samba server is
used as filestorage for our linux stuff) as stuff suddently

All this brings me to:

Is there any way to map it on the fly by having a kind of database with the
last time the archive bit was cleared, and then making the bit appear as set
when the files last modified date is newer than the date of last clearing of
the archive bit?

This means that the archive bit is not stored anywhere, but it is calculated
when it is needed.

Speed might (surely) be an issue, but this does not concern me greatly as:

A. Slow only for windows clients only :)

B. Slow only for the backupprogram.

Feel free to point me to any links, docs, etc.

Outlook stinks.

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