Intermittent mapping problem with Samba 2.0.6

Rashkae git at
Fri Mar 23 22:43:52 GMT 2001

Sounds like the Samba server is unable to reverse lookup the IP addresses
of your Clients. Could it be a change in your DNS server? Try commenting
out the hosts allow / hosts deny lines in your smb.conf.  Listing the IP
addresses of all your clients in your /etc/hosts file is also very

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Gary Nielson wrote:

> We've started having these intermittent problems with our samba 2.0.6
> installation. About a dozen people on WinNT client machines are using a
> Dell file server, running Redhat 6.2. They installation has been purring
> along with no problems for about six months. About two weeks ago, we
> started finding that some people, when the log into their NT boxes, are
> mapping some shares, but not others. Other people are having no problems
> mapping their shares at certain times, yet experiencing problems at
> other times. People are sometimes mapping some shares that they do not
> map at other times. The log.smb shows many "Gethostbyaddr failed" and
> "Denied connection." We have not made any changes to our samba files on
> the Linux box. Can anyone suggest where I should start looking to figure
> out why this is suddenly happening?
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