2.2.0 Alpha2 and print drivers

David A. Mason damason at davenet.mine.nu
Fri Mar 23 06:57:09 GMT 2001

Take comfort, at least, in the fact that printers using the same drivers
will not require a reupload, but just a labeling as such.

I don't imagine you have 183 different printer models.

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I began playing around with 2.2.0a2 yesterday. The text docs have
instructions for setting up the "print$" share and installing drivers for
client download. This involves browsing to the samba share from a W2K or NT
server, accessing the "printers" folder, and right clicking on each printer
to install drivers.
I've managed to get W2K/NT and Win98/95 drivers "pushed" to my Samba box
from a W2K server for two of my printers  ... but this will be very time
consuming for 183 printers.
Has anyone out there figured out a way to automate this for large number of

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