solaris -> win31pc

David W. Chapman Jr. dwcjr at
Fri Mar 23 05:00:13 GMT 2001

Samba would go on the solaris machine.  On the solaris machine check the log
files, like log.smb and log.computername  when you do a net view I'm
assuming the solaris machine does not show up(that is if windows3.1+dos have
that command).  Also in the smb.conf what is the server type set to?  The
version of samba would also help.
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> Hi,
> I am trying to map solaris5.7 drectory to a win32PC
> using "file managaer".
> Do i need samba on the solaris side as well as the pc side?.
> How do i do this?.  I am trying to map solaris to win31pc now
> and i get "computer - server not found". I see other solarises
> mapped. i can ftp/telnet from pc to solaris 5.7.
> Sam
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