Major network slowdown today... Samba the cause?

Gerry Kirk gerry at
Thu Mar 22 12:16:42 GMT 2001

Today, our network has been excruciatingly slow. I checked the log.nmb 
file, and I noticed that today, the Samba PDC has been losing its "local 
master browser" status every 2 minutes or so, for about 15 seconds, to a 
Win9x client.

Before today, this also happened, but only a few times each day.

Network configuration:
1. All clients are Win9x.
2. Server is SuSE 6.1, with Samba 2.0.5.
3. Server is WINS server, which is specified in most of the clients (some 
95 clients do not retain setting, for some reason).
4. smb.conf has server as domain master, local master, domain security, os 
level = 65, win support = true

Any insights will be eagerly received.

Gerry Kirk

Information System Specialist,
Mennonite Central Committee

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