SP6 for Windows NT terminal server AND SAMBA - 2ND try

Chris Welsh cris at barwonwater.vic.gov.au
Thu Mar 22 21:32:34 GMT 2001

Had no replies, so here goes again.

We recently installed the Terminal server SP6.0 on Windows Terminal
server. And are now having problems opening some files with some
applications from samba shares. We have traced it to being a file open
function used by apps.
such as notepad and perl.

Any ideas what has changed in SP6 and how to fix it?

samba server
Samba 2.0.7 on  Solaris 2.8

Christopher Welsh

System Administrator,           Voice:+61 03 52262385
Barwon Water, Geelong,          Mobile: 0409 562968
3220, Vic, Australia            Fax: +61 03 52210094

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