smbclient porting to Handheld device

Sid Liu sidliu at
Thu Mar 22 17:24:54 GMT 2001

Dear Andrew Tridgell and Samba Team,

You have done a wonderful job in providing an
piece of software. I am interested in porting
smbclient to Handheld device, mostly as a hobby.
Please see my website 

Because some of the Handheld OSs don't have the
ability to access Windows share resource,
specifically, the new Pocket PC by Microsoft, I would
like to add this capability to the handheld device.
There might be some other platform that needs a client
for Handheld deivce, for example, Palm OS, or Linux
base Handheld device. But I do not have plan to port
smbclient to those platforms at this moment.

As you all know, resource in handheld device is very
limited. There might be a need to greatly modify and
simplify the code. Obviously, Microsoft might come out
with the SMB client soon. But for me, it would be nice
to have it now. And I also would like to distribute it
for a nominal fee as a comforting compensation. If
possible, I would like to delay the release of source
code for a period of time so that third party vendors
will not have this capabilities. Obviously the source
code will be available for nonprofit purpose if so

I am not sure if this is acceptable to you. Your
response will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Sid Liu
sidliu at

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