Multiple User Data Access

Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben at
Thu Mar 22 15:46:49 GMT 2001

Thanks you remi

> I've often found in the past that such problems are related to file
> locking. Oportunistic locking, for one, is evil. (I haven't had
> any problems with Samba, but have certainly corrupted more than a few
> databases hosted on Windows NT before I learnt how to turn this sucker
> off)

OK - will do that!
> strict locking = yes
> oplocks = False

In the share or the globals?

> Also, be sure that files created by 1 user can be accessed equally by
> another. In the case of a Samba Share, Force User and Valid Users are good
> options for those of us who are too lazy to deal with the intricacies of
> Unix file and group permissions.

I've done both...

> It's also very important that your Samba sever can reverse lookup your
> clients. 

dig -x seems to work

What is the error message:

call_nt_transact_ioctl - It seems to not be implimented and
yet it is being called.  That's the locking?

Also - it says it can't stat the log files

counld stat "." strange /var/log/samba


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