authority to join a domain

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Mar 22 05:08:52 GMT 2001

Ben Liblit writes:

> I am trying to add a Samba 2.0.7 box to an existing domain.  The Samba
> box will not be a domain controller; it's just going to be a
> nondescript member of the domain.  The primary domain controller is
> running Windows 2000, but is also configured to emulate an NT4 PDC.
> Our system administrators did their side of things, and told me that
> user "domain\liblit" now has permission to add machine "zubzub" to the
> "domain" domain.  I became root on "zubzub" and ran the following
> command:
>    # smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -r PRIME

The administrator has to add a the machine PRIME using the server
manager for smbpasswd to work.  The "add machines to domain"
permission isn't used by Samba.


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