Permission of spool directory

Paul Sanders sanders_p at
Wed Mar 21 17:33:04 GMT 2001

It all depends on what spooler you are using...

for legacy LPR try setting chmod 1777 on spool directories - I have seen this
recommended in several places. setting the sticky bit make it impossible for
users to delete each others jobs...

I have looked at LPRng a bit and it seems to want 600 [LPRng used a slightly
different method of spooling that allows jobs to be sent by a process without
running as root...see their docs for more info...]

anyone else have ideas?


>>> nico at 03/21 11:21 AM >>>

My samba is working but.......

I can share files and printers. Although printing is only possible after I
set the permission of the spool dir as follows:

chmod -R -g=wrx /var/spool/samba

After that printing from clients is possible

when restarting lpd it say's:
permissions of 'file name' are 0755 not 600 and it is changed accordingly

Then printing from a client is not possible

What has to be changed to set is right?

It must be something simple

Thanx in advantage

Nico van Elteren


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