Color Printing problems

Toby Bearden tbearden at
Wed Mar 21 16:07:13 GMT 2001

I have an HP 4500N that is shared on a RH 7 server running Samba 2.0.7.  I
have downloaded and installed HP enhanced printing system for linux and
installed the correct ppd files.  From linux, printing works fine.  The
problem is that when printing from a windows client if the document contains
any pictures it will generally either print a blank page followed by a page
with Error:timeout or print the document and part of the image followed by
the same error message page.  If I do a print to file and the examine the
file, it has the error message in the file.  It also says:

(This job requires more memory than is available in this printer.)100 500
(Try one or more of the following, and then print again:)100 485
(For the output format, choose Optimize For Portability.)115 470
(In the Device Settings page, make sure the Available PostScript Memory is
115 455(Reduce the number of fonts in the document.)115 440
(Print the document in parts.)115 425 12/Times-Roman showpage
(%%[ PrinterError: Low Printer VM ]%%)= true FatalErrorIf}if}bind def end
version cvi 2016 ge{/VM?{pop}bind def}{/VM? userdict/PrtVMMsg get def}ifelse
105000 VM?

I am working with our hp vendor on this.  We currently have 64 megs of
memory on order to bring the total to 128 mb of ram, however, I am not
convinced that this is the problem.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If I
had to guess I would say that windows is reading the info off the printer


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