my cc compiler cannot generate the .exe file

Blair Sutton/Odey B.Sutton at
Wed Mar 21 15:07:26 GMT 2001

It might think you are using a cygwin environment?

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21/03/2001 13:02

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        Subject:        Re: my cc compiler cannot generate the .exe file

> I would like to install samba in AIX 4.2 machine and I down load the 
2.0.7 version, after I read UNIX_INSTALL.txt file.
> But unfortunately I have the message when I execute the ./configure
command that my C Compiler cannot create the .exe file.

What do you mean by "exe file"

on unix systems, the samba main deamons are called smbd and smbd   ===>exe
files are for windows

do you have any error message ?


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