unix password sync = True?

Teus Hagen teus at nlnet.nl
Wed Mar 21 08:06:11 GMT 2001

Ribz wrote:
>  OK here's the problem: when i use the "smbpasswd" program it doesn't
> update the "passwd" file in /etc.
>     What i want: The explicate conditions in which Samba to Unix
> password syncing will operate correctly on a Red Hat 7.0 (Guiness)
> distro with samba 2.0.7-21ssl
> (included in distro) IE: perrmissions on passwd and smbpasswd files,
> password program = ?, password chat = ?, etc...
Here follows the Linux (RedHat7.0) samba conf (/etc/samba/smb.conf) which
synchronizes SMB and UNIX passwd's for my envrionment. Windows users
can change the UNIX (and SMB) password via their security configuration
settings screen on the Windows system.
# next will allow synchronisation with the UNIX password system
# default is false
	unix password sync = True
# seems there is much trouble to get expect working
	passwd chat = *New\sUNIX\spassword:\s %n\n *password:\s %n\n *successfully\n
# next should be set to False
# see smbd log with loglevel 100 for chat/expect password logs
	passwd chat debug = False
	passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
# passwords should be manipulated with ldap server (to_DO)
# we should require SSL this is also a TO DO!!!!


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