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David Rankin drankin at
Wed Mar 21 05:03:26 GMT 2001

Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO wrote:

> Yes
> We added
> force user = jam to the service
> Because it was only working with user jam.  But then when two users on 2
> workstations
> use the fails....which I think is a defined behavior for SMB
> Ruben

Here is a possible fix for your situation. I am doing what I think it is you
are trying to do and I have no problems with my samba share. Instead of "force
user", I use "force group" and I just make sure that all the users I want to
have read/write access to all the files on the share are members of that group.
I have included the share from my smb.conf file below for your reference. I
think this will accomplish what you are trying to do and may get around your

 comment = Rankin-Bertin PLLC
 path = /home/samba/rbpllc
 valid users = @rbpllc
 force group = rbpllc
 admin users = david
 writeable = Yes
 map archive = Yes
 inherit permissions = Yes

David Rankin
Nacogdoches, Texas

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