Exploding connections

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Wed Mar 21 03:54:08 GMT 2001

i've managed to catch the exploding connections database in the act. i was
able to attach gdb to the smbd while it was going crazy:

(gdb) bt
#0  0xf55da in tdb_expand ()
#1  0xf5787 in tdb_allocate ()
#2  0xf6554 in tdb_store ()
#3  0x6534 in claim_connection ()
#4  0x406a2 in make_connection ()
#5  0x1e105 in reply_tcon_and_X ()
#6  0x3e256 in switch_message ()
#7  0x3e8c7 in chain_reply ()
#8  0x1ffc3 in reply_sesssetup_and_X ()
#9  0x3e256 in switch_message ()
#10 0x3e2f2 in construct_reply ()
#11 0x3e5fe in process_smb ()
#12 0x3ef1f in smbd_process ()
#13 0x3479 in main ()

it seems that the problem has something to do with win2k systems: i can
have a whole bunch of win98 and NT sessions open to the share, but win2k
reliably causes this problem. the problem is that connections.tdb is
growing about 1MB/s - almost as if 2k were flooding the server. i can
reproduce this with both SAMBA_2_2 and HEAD, from a cvs update no more
than an hour old.

what other information should i provide to help track this bugger down?


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