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Daniel de los Reyes dadecal at
Tue Mar 20 20:02:24 GMT 2001

-| I had that same question earlier, and looking through the man page for
-| smb.conf, I think I found the answer. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) ..
-| Assuming you are using security=user, Samba must have a user to authenticate
-| as to access anything, so you have to set guest account = <some user> (I
-| think it defaults to nobody, but I'm not sure) and the permissions on that
-| directory must be accessible by <some user>. You must also set map to guest
-| = [bad user] or [bad password] (I think this defaults to "never", so the
-| server will never see a user it doesn't recognize) .. from the man page:
-|  		  Note  that  this  parameter  is  needed  to  set up
-|               "Guest" share services when  using  security  modes
-|               other  than  share.  This is because in these modes
-|               the name of the resource being requested  is  *not*
-|               sent  to the server until after the server has suc­
-|               cessfully authenticated the client  so  the  server
-|               cannot make authentication decisions at the correct
-|               time (connection to the share) for "Guest"  shares.

Curious about this too, but I was afraid if I did this everyone (even
from the internet) would have permission to that share. Would it be so?
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