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]Trying to config a share that will be available to anyone. Every time I try
]to access it, it prompts me for a user name and password? I would like to
]limit access to the share only by the IP address of the machine mapping the
]drive. How should I configure this in the smb.conf?
]Mark Orndorff

I had that same question earlier, and looking through the man page for
smb.conf, I think I found the answer. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) ..
Assuming you are using security=user, Samba must have a user to authenticate
as to access anything, so you have to set guest account = <some user> (I
think it defaults to nobody, but I'm not sure) and the permissions on that
directory must be accessible by <some user>. You must also set map to guest
= [bad user] or [bad password] (I think this defaults to "never", so the
server will never see a user it doesn't recognize) .. from the man page:
 		  Note  that  this  parameter  is  needed  to  set up
              "Guest" share services when  using  security  modes
              other  than  share.  This is because in these modes
              the name of the resource being requested  is  *not*
              sent  to the server until after the server has suc­
              cessfully authenticated the client  so  the  server
              cannot make authentication decisions at the correct
              time (connection to the share) for "Guest"  shares.

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