SAMBA 2.0.7

sschaper at sschaper at
Tue Mar 20 18:18:59 GMT 2001

I tried to install SAMBA version 2.0.7 on a Sun workstation running Solaris
7. When I ran the ./configure, I received the following error message:

configure:610: checking for gcc
configure:723: checking whether the C compiler (gcc -o) works
configure:739: gcc -o conftest -o conftest.c 1>&5
gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'cpp':No such file or directory
configure: failed program was:

#line 734 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"

My gcc is located in a directory /export/local/bin/gcc.

Not sure if the is anymore information that I can provide. If you can help,
point me in the write direction I would really appreciate it.

main() {return(0);}

Steve Schaper
WIM Project Office
(407) 737-8085

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