Cannot resolve hostname on Windows2000

Alan Murrell alanm at
Tue Mar 20 01:34:39 GMT 2001

Actually, I also have a similar issue, bu I suspect it is more of a
networking problem.  I can ping the IP addresses of the machines on my
internal network, but if I try to ping the hostname, then Win98 seems unable
to resolve it (and yes, I do have the approriate entried in my
c:\windows\hosts file)

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From: Char, Aissa <aissa.char at>
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Date: Monday, March 19, 2001 4:57 PM
Subject: Cannot resolve hostname on Windows2000


When I map directory using samba o nour Windows 2000, I have to type in the
IP address of  the samba server or the complete domain name; i.e,  I can't just type in the hostname; i.e. host.  Your
help is very much apreciated.

Aissa Char
Lockheed Martin Aero

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