Windows 98 can not login to samba server

Alan Murrell alanm at
Tue Mar 20 00:48:04 GMT 2001


I had this same error the first time I was setting up Samaba a couple months
ago.  It turned out that the reason for this error was that Win98 was
sending encrypted passwords and Samba wasn't set up to accept only
plain-text passwords.  At the time, I solved the issue by fixing Win98 to
send plain-text passwords, which involved some Registry-hacking.  The *much*
sipmpler method is to put the following entry into the [global] section of

encrypted passwords = yes

You may then have to add the users to the /etc/smbpasswd file (smbpasswd -a
user where "user" is the username of the user you wish to add).  But once
you do hat, your problem should be solved!

>You must supply a password to make this connection
>Resource:"//server/IPC$" ("" are only becouse of Outlook expresss)

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