Fw: Can't see samba server

Alan Murrell alanm at vcn.bc.ca
Tue Mar 20 00:26:43 GMT 2001

Hi Luis!

> Are you sure that your samba server is running . Other thing what version of
> linux are you using. try doing this command and see it theres anything wrong
> with it.

Yes, smb is indeed running.  My version of Linux is Red Hat 6.1, with the
stock kernel (I haven't upgraded it yet, so it's 2.2.12-20, I believe)

> $testparm -----------that will test out your server also try this

loaded the services ok, but gave me a "dump" of a bunce of stuff I mostly
don't have in my smb.conf file?  Is that correct??

> $ ps aux | grep smb ----------that will tell you if your have your child

smbd -D
grep smb

> $ ps aux | grep nmb ---------- the same thing as above

nmbd -D

hmmm, still can't see TAMIRA in the Network Neighbourhood, but I can still
map a network drive to the share on TAMIRA (TAMIRA = linux Samaba server)

Alan Murrell <alanm at vcn.bc.ca> ICQ: 1147392

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