Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Mon Mar 19 21:48:05 GMT 2001

I ran a make install, after I had all of the error messages after make all, and
it seems to have installed ok.

David Dulek wrote:

> I have Samba running on 4 DG/UX boxes running MU05.  I had no problem
> compiling or running it on all four boxes.  Can you send the exact output to
> me and I can try and help you out?
> On Monday 19 March 2001 15:08, Gerry Maddock wrote:
> >     Ok, I'm not too sure if this is the right list or not. I have had no
> > problems compiling Samba on any of our machines, except our 2 DGUX (Data
> > General Unix) systems. Once I start the make file, is when I get a bunch
> > of "Error code 2  (ignored)". I think its the compiler, but not sure.
> > I'm running MU05 on the DG, hopefully one of you has had this same
> > problem before. DG's sight is NO HELP.
> --
> Dave Dulek

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