Outdated Document - DOMAIN-CONTROL.txt

David A. Mason damason at davenet.mine.nu
Mon Mar 19 18:03:58 GMT 2001

But, of course, replication could be handled with samba mounts and cron jobs
for rsync, no?

Or is there some other functionality there?

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On Sun, 18 Mar 2001 02:25:32 Warwick Chapman (Budgee) wrote:
> Dear Sir
> I been reading through your (?) samba-doc folder on Debian 2.2.
> The document DOMAIN-CONTROL.txt is dated 1996 and updated
> 1998. It mentions that SAMBA cannot be a PDC. This is not the
> case anymore isn't it?

The file is outdated.  I will fix it before the official
2.2 release.  (note that 2.0.7 is not a very good PDC
and while 2.2 will be a more stable PDC< it will still lack
some functionality such as trusts and replication).

Cheers, jerry
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