Samba and java

Chris Howells chowells at
Mon Mar 19 11:45:10 GMT 2001

and thanks

no we were just tring to run a command like 
java myJava.class
from the X: prompt
this is after compiling the java file like so


the compile is fine but the byte code won't run from the root directory

the VM reports that it can't find the myJava class.


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> >We have had some trouble trying to run applications and applets 
> compiled to
> >the root directory of   a drive mapped to a Samba share. The VM 
> reports the
> >it cann't find the main class though the class files will run in
> >subdirectories or anywhere on a physical fat partition.
> Hello,
> it might be just silly, but:
> did You compile "X:myJava.class" or "X:\\myJava.class"?
> HTH,
> Dominik

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