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Not sure if you have an issues database to do a search and see if you have
had a similar problem in the past.

Here is the scenario we are going through. I hope you have ran across
something like this before or perhaps have some hints on what to look for.
The explanation is not very technical but if you need additional information
do not hesitate to ask.

We have NT workstations accessing a UNIX server via SAMBA, we are using a
fairly up-to-date release.  A software we are using on these workstations
requires for a service to run on the workstation to allow any user to sign
on  as themselves (Joe, Mary, Bob for examples) but it is seeing by the
server as being user "myadmin" ("myadmin" for example).  User "myadmin" has
full access to the files (read, write, execute) on the share. The regular
users only have read access to the files on the share, without the running
service to disguise the user as "myadmin" a regular user can only read the
files and is not allowed to write.

We have had problems with the software in that it crashes at different
times.  We narrowed down the issue but are stuck in figuring out why.  What
is happening is that when the user starts out using the software it is
seeing by the server as having full access to the files like it should
"myadmin".  It works fine for a while until out of the blue the file locks
changed and the user only has read access to the files not allowing the
common user (Joe, Mary, Bob) to save their work.

What could be causing the file locks to change?  One minute the server
thinks it is "myadmin" logged on with full privileges to the files as it
should and everything works wonderful.  Then the file locks change and the
user can not save their work?  It is almost as if the workstation is telling
the server I am "myadmin" to start with and sometime later changes telling
the server it is some other user (Joe, Mary, Bob).

Have you seen this happen before?  Any ideas on a possible cause?

I appreciate any help you can provide

Thanks, eagerly awaiting your reply,

Betsy Matallana de James
Kimball Electronics

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