smbclient/mount question

Kelly Martin kelm at
Sun Mar 18 00:09:46 GMT 2001

>> To test I tried the smbclient first:
>>    smbclient //myhost/myshare /mnt/mymount username=myname/MYHOUSE

> Where did you get that syntax from?

I got it from a long night with lots of coffee. I was thinking smbmount
with -o, sorry. Was playing with both.

> If it is smbmount you need a -o before the options, and smbclient doesn't
> look like that at all. What is "myname/MYHOUSE"? If it is domain/workgroup
> related use the workgroup option to specify domain/workgroup.

Let's try this again, then:

      smbclient \\\\MYHOST\MYSHARE password -U username -W workgroup

Yay, it works! Duh. The wonders of a good night's sleep and a gentle email
> Finally, I think you may be happier using NFS between 2 unix boxes. But it
> is of course your choice.

I figure it's easier than compiling a new kernel for the first time. :)

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