Drive mappings

Anthony Ewell aewell at
Sat Mar 17 20:32:54 GMT 2001

Hi Michael,

     Try:   net use U: \\mail\%U%

Windows (DOS) likes a "%" on both sides of the variable
(I know, it's weird, but that how it works).  Make sure you have
something assigned to %U%


Michael Blinn wrote:

> Hello again list!
> I'm attempting to use the following command in a startup batch file:
> net use U: \\mail\%U
> however when win9* runs this file on logging in, it tries to map
> \\mail\u
> Why isn't samba preprocessing this directive? (\\mail is NOT the name of
> the samba server doing the login authetication!)
> Please respond to mblinn at -- my mail client may be
> configured screwy with its reply-to address.
> Thanks!
>  Michael Blinn
>  People Places, Inc.

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