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Paul Jansen vlaero at yahoo.com.au
Sat Mar 17 00:51:44 GMT 2001

Urs & Mike,

If you install the NT server tools for Win9x from off
the NT server CDROM - I think you can probably
download these also - this gives you the explorer
shell extension.  It gives your a
security-permission/ownership dialog.  This will
probably work for Win95 now but I'm not too sure.  I
know that in the last couple of days the user manager
app for 95 will now work correctly.  Give it a try. 
You'll need the lastest CVS version for this to happen

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On Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 06:01:39PM -0000, Urs Rau
> Hi All,
> Is there a way (speak command/wsh script) that
allows a win9x 
> workstation that is logged into a samba domain
server (running 
> onlinux for example) to see from the workstation
what owner a 
> certain file or directory has? 
> Under win2k the "dir /q" command does this
> And if this is possible, is it then possible for
someone to change 
> the ownership of a file to another user or group
from a win9x 
> workstation, assuming that the person logged in has
> rights to do so of course.
> Many thanks,

There is a shell extention to explorer that will let
you modify the unix
permissions.  Don't remember where it is, but you may
be able to search in
the archives.


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