Nfs vs Samba

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Fri Mar 16 16:33:46 GMT 2001

Not a simple question to answer.  Samba is certainly MORE
secure than NFS - as it determines access to files and 
directories based on their unix permission access to those
files and directories, and authentication is per USER,
whereas NFS has much lower expectations.  As to speed, I 
think nfs may be faster, depending on the implementation.
And with Samba, more security ALSO means more administration.
But to offset that, if your clients are windows clients,
then using samba means that you would NOT have to buy any
special software to enable them to access these unix files
and directories, whereas with NFS, you would have to purchase
nfs client software for each client.
If your clients are predominantly unix clients, then I would 
recommend nfs; if primarily pc windows type clients, then
Samba would be a good fit.
Hope this helps,

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 I need to make file sharing in my network, the file
 server sharing have to be in a machine that can be
 seen from outside. In the begining I wanted to use
 Samba but now I'm not sure which would be secure and
 fast, if NFS protocol or Samba.

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