David A. Mason damason at davenet.mine.nu
Fri Mar 16 16:27:22 GMT 2001

What are the networks and masks on these IP addresses? Are the .63's perhaps
the broadcast addresses?

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I've been having some odd problems with samba and it's libsmb/nmblib parts.
It seems to be trying to transmit data to the .63 of my netblock, i.e. the
IP of the machine would be, it'd be trying to transmit to  I've changed IPs about 15 times since, and it does it to each
different block I change to.  If the IP of the local machine got changed to, it'd be attempting to send to  There's never
anything AT this address for it to send to, so i'm wondering exactly what's
going on.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Jim Phillips

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