Win2K client can't create directories

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Fri Mar 16 16:03:25 GMT 2001

Hi Dan,
What version of Samba are you running?  Up until 2.0.7 there were a number
of problems with win2k clients accessing samba...
Another issue may be that you do not have the appropriate permissions
in the directory ABOVE where you are trying to create/rename the directory;
you require write permission in the directory above in order to rename a 
file/directory, even if you have write access to the file/directory itself
you are trying to rename.
Hope this helps,

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The number of Win2K systems in our company is rapidly increasing, and as 
that happens I discover more and more problems with Win2K accessing shares 
on our samba server.

This particular problem prevents Win2K users from creating new directories 
on samba shares. When they attempt to create a folder and name it, they get 
the error "Cannot rename the New Folder: Access is denied. Make sure the 
disk is not full or write-protected..."

If the user hits ESC the folder does in fact get created, with the default 
name of "New Folder".  They get the same error if they try to rename it.

Has anyone experienced this?


Dan Reain
Network & Security Manager
Genetics Computer Group
reain at

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