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Fri Mar 16 14:36:37 GMT 2001

Hi Martin,
the message specifically means that samba went to retrieve data from a
socket (a connection to a particular workstation)
and found that at the tcpip layer, the client had sent a packet with the tpc
reset flag set - ie, the CLIENT deliberately 
terminated the tcpip connection.  Question is WHY - if you have NT clients
that are experiencing this, you can check
their event logs for errors; in some cases NT will do a reset to a server
connection if it receives a badly formatted smb
packet on that connection, or if it timed out waiting an smbreply on that
connection - this might help you understand 
what is going on.
If it's just win9x clients, you're out of luck, other than to see if you can
isolate the problem to one of your clients that 
has it frequently, and turn on debugging leve 10 for that one client, and
maybe run netmon in the background on that 
same client, and try to CATCH the reset, to see what the client/server were
doing at the proximate time of the reset.
make sure you have debug timestamp and debug pid turned on as well, so you
can check the timing of smb request/replys.
Since you mention that it's been running fine for 6 months, and has only
recently developed this symptom, you need to 
also ask yourself what has changed recently?  Number of clients increased?
new application clients are using accessing
samba files, that they werent using before? Increased load on the Unix box
that samba is running on?  Increased overall
network traffic or increase in errors or retries on the network from the
Unix nic?
Just some ideas,
Good luck,

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 I have been running Samba for at least 6 months now without a problem.
Recently I have been getting this error message; 

[2001/03/16 13:18:29, 0] lib/util_sock.c:read_socket_data(477)
read_socket_data: recv failure for 4. Error = Connection reset by peer

This error message is appearing more and more everyday and my users are
getting more and more annoyed. How can I fix this?

Martin Stacey
Information Support Manager
Safcol Australia Pty Ltd


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