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Hello Rodionov,
A couple of things.
If your unix user name and windows login name are different, you will
need to use the usermap option in smb.conf and create the mapping 
between your windows login name to your unix login name.
for instance, in the file, if you unix name is tom, but your 
windows login name is jerry, you would have the entry:
jerry = tom

In addition, if you are using userlevel security for samba, EITHER you
will need to make a registry hack on the windows machine to make it send
cleartext passwords, or you will have to create an smbpasswd file to add
your windows user and password via the smbpasswd command;
see chapter 6 in the O'Reilly "Using Samba" manual, available for purchase
or online at

for specific details on how to do this.
Hope this helps,
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Hi !
Can you help me ?
Why my samba 2.0.7, don't ask login name? when i connect to it from windows?
It requests only password :(, but my windows login name and unix login 
name do not coincide.
In log samba writes, that connect from user <my windows login>.
What have i do ?
Please help me.
With best wishes, Eugene

P.S.: sorry for my english :)

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