Win2K printing Problems with Samba

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Fri Mar 16 12:13:04 GMT 2001

but i'm using CUPS and there's no /var/spool/lpd/MyprintnameConf
so how can i configure my printer for cups ?

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It sounds to me as though your printcap file is causing Linux to perform too
much processing of the print data. It should just pass the postscript on to
the printer, as I understand it.

Here is one of my printcap entries:


(A Laserwriter Pro 630 printing through Appletalk over Ethernet.)

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Hi everyone !
i have some trouble printing  from Win2K to Samba Server :
My configuration
Server Samba :
Mandrake Linux 7.2
Samba 2.0.7
Configured Printer on Parallel Port Kyocera FS 3750 with CUPS

Client :  Win2K PRO
 driver Apple LaserWriter
When I send a request of print , my printer prints three pages :
the first have a line like this: "%%[ProductName  : GNU postscript] %%"
le second is the good request ( for example the test print page)
the last page is one line  :"%%[lastpage]%%"

can someone help me to remove the first and the last page ?
thanks a lot.
epel at

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