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Have you set up an samba account according to your
Windows login? The password request pop's up
'cause you want to access a share that's not
configured to be accessable with your windows
1) create a samba user with the same name as your windows login
2) do smbpasswd
3) in the config (smb.conf) give the user (your windows login) the rights
for the share(s) you want to access
4) brows the share ;-)

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> Hi !
> Can you help me ?
> Why my samba 2.0.7, don't ask login name? when i connect to it from
> It requests only password :(, but my windows login name and unix login
> name do not coincide.
> In log samba writes, that connect from user <my windows login>.
> What have i do ?
> Please help me.
> With best wishes, Eugene
> P.S.: sorry for my english :)
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