Two Simple Questions (Multi Home)

Julia Holloway jhllwy at
Thu Mar 15 22:55:42 GMT 2001

Dear Samba List,

I have been reading the archives for mention of multi-homed Samba, and
Samba over multiple subnets.  I have two questions:

1) It is true that the nmbd daemon will only allow one IP address per
subnet to be added to the local interface list?   So if I had a Linux
machine with two NIC cards connecting to the same HUB, using the same
subnet, only one of these interfaces will be used?

2) What I was hoping to do is set up my Samba server as a multi-homed
server, with multiple addresses on the same subnet.  Then I was going to
let my WINS server (or DNS for that matter) function as a simple load
balancer, so that the client requests could be spread over the different
NIC cards.   Is there anyone else that would be interested in a setup like
this, besides me??

3) On another subject,  I notice that when I allow my NT4 Server to be the
local master browser, the entry "__MSBROWSE__-[01h]" can be found in the
WINS server database.  However, if I let the Samba server become the local
master browser, there is no "__MSBROWSE__" entry.  Has anyone else noticed
this?  Is this a problem??

Julie Holloway
T/L 444 - 0056, ext  (919) 254 - 0056
IBM Storage Networking

email: jhllwy at

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