Samba 2.2 CVS

David A. Mason damason at
Thu Mar 15 20:54:32 GMT 2001

Actually, I did build this latest CVS, and it would appear that domain
functionality is the same - NT4 PDC, supporting Win2k clients.

But I kept the previous build to be safe.

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On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, David A. Mason wrote:

> Before I go building this most current CVS version of Samba 2.2alpha,
> I would like to double-check something from the Whatsnew.txt.
> It states that this version will not function as a PDC for Win2k clients.
> Does this mean that the NT4-type PDC functionality for Win2k clients that
> worked in my earlier snapshot of 2.2alpha is broken?
> Or does this mean that it will not provide Win2k-type PDC functionality
> Win2k clients?
> This functionality is what I'm using at home, and I'll just wait for the
> next update if it is currently broken.


I would wait for the next alpha release.  Coming soon....

Cheers, jerry

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