Samba-2.2.0alpha-2 (interesting behavior)

Bill Parker dogbert at
Thu Mar 15 20:27:45 GMT 2001


	I am running Samba-2.2.0alpha-2 on a OpenLinux 2.3 (Caldera)
system, and I was wondering if this error message is NORMAL behavior
for a NT Server share mounted with the following command:

//inet_server_1/C /mnt/server1 -o username=xxxxxxxx,password=xxxxxx,ip=x.x.x.2

here is what is in /var/log/messages:

Mar 15 09:51:59 htmlodds kernel: smb_trans2_request: result=-32, setting
Mar 15 09:51:59 htmlodds kernel: smb_retry: sucessful, new pid=22605,

Now, in Samba-2.0.7, the response to a df -h message would be a
input/output error on /mnt/server1, but in this case, it appears
to have recovered the error on it's own (which is a good thing).

df -h reports:

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1             6.7G  4.5G  1.8G  71% /
//inet_server_1/C     3.9G  2.9G 1023M  74% /mnt/server1

now it would appear when it does have to establish a retry, the
response back from df -h is one or two seconds slower.  Has
the use of smbmount/mount for accessing NT Server shares always
been a problem when a idle condition has occured (at least to
NT/Samba's way of thinking)?

Any response you could provide would be useful, as we are trying
to get away from being dependent on NT Servers.


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