Samba and NT file issues

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Thu Mar 15 19:39:30 GMT 2001

I agree.  My church's admin and school where cringing at the thoiught of
buying a 20 user lic package of win-nt server (or 2000 server.)  I convinced
them to allow me to deploy a linux box with samba and since october not a
single glitch!

File sharing, multi-user apps i.e. quickbooks, print sharing, internet
(cable) firewall and Nat all work perfectly!!  Of all the distrobutions of
linux, SUSE and Mandrak comes nearly ready to use as a samba server right of
the box.  Plus they come with some web based admin tools.  SUSE also somes
with come print text which were very helpful.  Linux/Samba runs on far less
Good luck!

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> "Ricker, Tony" wrote:
> > Sorry for being repetitive, but I have a question. Can Samba be used for
> > widowze machines accessing files, (access 2000, excel, word...) and have
> > them open, add/modify, save files? The files would reside on Samba box
> > the user map their way to the files. Any thoughts? I appreciate all of
> > for sharing you knowledge.
> >
> Short answer -- Yes, Yes, and Yes again
> I have recently set up my Linux/Samba box. I have a small office with 4
> PC running Win95, Win98 and WinME. It's a law office and all our files are
> stored on the Linux Box. Word, Excel, Access and various other -- All work
> fine. We have Office 97 and Office 2K all accessing the shared files, the
> server provides access for all machines to the internet and serves as a
> server so everyone can get to their files from home as well as providing
> sftp, mail, etc.
> The whole key to your question is file permissions, read/write access,
> and groups. The O'Riley Using Samba html manual that is part of the Samba
> distro does a good job at explaining all of this. The bottom line is that
> Win9X users all have to have accounts on your Linux box, if you have Win95
> machines - patch them to send encrypted passwords, all of your users must
> encrypted password entries in the smbpasswd file, you should at a minumum
> owner and group read/write access to the files you want to share (chmod
> 664 prefered if you want world read), and the users should be members of a
> group that has group ownership of the files that the users need to access.
> see the smb.conf options of force user and force group for the share your
> need to access.
> Once you get over this hurdle, you will find that Win9x clients accessing
> samba server is a secure and bulletproof way to handle you client/server
> David Rankin
> Nacogdoches, Texas
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