Whats all this Linux business anyway?

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In addition to "Using Samba", I would recommend the SAMS
book "Learning Samba in 24 hours". It's in tutorial form,
and an excellent way to get familiar with the product if 
you have had no exposure to it.

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If you are a complete newbie then you can't go wrong with:


also, the Samba documentation now includes a rather natty copy of the Using
Samba book from O'Reilly - it's now Open Source.  Grab your self a copy of
Samba 2.0.7 eg:


and get reading. You can use Winzip to untar/ungzip the archive.

If you have specific problems then this mailing list is the port of call.
Jon Gerdes

>>> "Rick Masters" <rickmasters at hotmail.com> 03/15/01 10:16am >>>
Alright lads,

I'm Rick Masters and I know very little about networks, but for some mad 
reason I have been given the job of setting up a Linux File Server on an NTn
 etwork. How the dickens does that work? Anyway I need as much help as youc
 an be bothered to give me. And there is a free pizza in it for the guy whoh
 elps me get it working :-)

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