File name problem with Win2K

Wed Mar 14 15:59:18 GMT 2001

Win2K doesn't differentiate files/directories by case so you are bound to get problems doing this.  The "fix" would have to come from MS - and that's a little unlikely.

Try creating directories with the same name and different case on your W2K's hard disc and see how far you get.  Samba has a whole swathe of parameters to try and get Windows/DOS to see a consistent view of a Samba share/mount.

Jon Gerdes

>>> Drew Buckman <drew.buckman at> 03/14/01 03:30pm >>>
Here is the problem. I make a directory "xyz" and put file "a" in it, 
then make a directory "XYZ" and put file "b" in it. When viewing the 
samba share with Win2K I see both directories "xyz" and "XYZ", but the 
only file that both directories have in them is file "a".  If you use 
NT4 you will see a directory "xyz" and a directory "Xyz", but you still 
have the problem

It looks like Win2k (and Win NT4) is confused about the case of the 
directories. Is there any fix for this. Other then kicking the 2K box.

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