Win2k disconnects mapped samba shares

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Wed Mar 14 13:51:38 GMT 2001

You can actually disable this feature on Win2k withOUT having to directly
access the registry;

go to the command prompt window on the Win2k server, and type in

	net config server /autodisconnect:-1

This will set the autodisconnect time to the highest number that Winnt can
handle, which makes the autodisconnect time in YEARS  (about 8171 years).
The common misunderstanding is that if you actually go into the REGISTRY and
try to set the value by hand, -1 is NOT what you would put in; instead it is
some very large number (Q138365 is the Microsoft Q-article that discusses
Hope this helps,

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I too have this "feature" with a mapped drive to a Samba share from a Win2k
PRo box (SP1) but then again I also get it on a drive mapping to a Win 2k
server.  In both cases, clicking on the red X'd out mapping reconnects with
no errors.  That is I see no difference between the Samba and 2k server's

However I do not use domain security in either case.  The servers are both
in workgroups. 

Jon Gerdes

>>> Posselt Werner <w.posselt at> 03/14/01 09:48am >>>

I stepped through the archives of this list, but could not find a
thread dealing with exactly this problem we are experiencing here.

Server HP-UX 10.20 Samba 2.0.6
security = domain
deadtime = 500    ... that should be enough

The win2k clients map a drive and everything is working fine.
after a period of inactivity (about half an hour) win2k somehow disconnects
the mapped drive
and marks the network connection with a red 'X'.
this is documented as a feature in the win2k knowledge base.
that seems work on nt-servers they reconnect if you access the 'sleeping'

But it does not work on the samba drives.
it gets reconnected somehow after a few pop-ups telling you the connection
is no longer available and some weird things.

there is a Key in 
LAN Autodisconnect with a valid range of -1 to 65535
-1 is disable.

But it does not disable this 'feature'
LanmanServer is maybe not really the right place either?

Any idea how to stop this behaviour and keep the connections active?
This would be very much appreciated.

TIA, Werner

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