Locking propigation probelm samba to netatalk & netatalk to samba

Frank Joerdens frank at joerdens.de
Tue Mar 13 21:17:59 GMT 2001

On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 03:56:23PM -0500, Kevin M. Myer wrote:
[ . . . ]
> If anyone has an update on anything I've listed, I'd really like to hear
> about it (i.e. if you are working on implimenting samba/netatalk
> interoperability or if you have more info on locking problems).

I don't have more info on the locking issue except that I find it rather
remarkable that it has not caused _any_ problem whatsoever in about 6
months+ of operation in a Samba/Netatalk environment that's fairly
heavily used (about a dozen macs and a handful of PCs accessing one
Linux box with about 100 GB shared space). This means that from my
experience at least, the locking issue is only the worst problem in
theory. My pet peeves are codepages and mswindows options not working
together (a Netatalk issue), and vetoing with certain files that contain
metacharacters such as '^M' or '?' (a Samba issue), e.g. Icon files that
are somethimes created with certain files by Netatalk and which are
still visible to the PCs.

What I'm wondering is: Isn't the whole issue becoming somewhat moot with
Mac OS X which has NFS support, and a flat filesystem to boot? 

Regards, Frank

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