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Pat Cookson pcookson at
Tue Mar 13 19:07:42 GMT 2001

To all,

I am hoping that someone can give a lead or answer to my problem. I have
two RH linux servers with 2.2.16 kernal and kimberlite failover. Both are
configed using Samba 2.07. The smb.conf file is in the cluster directory so
that both servers read one conf file. Locks and log files are on shared
disk space. What I am seeing is this. Occasionally, and sometimes after
failover, my Samba shares become inaccessible to clients that have had
drive mappings made. Initially the mappings work fine, then, the user gets
a error that the network name is no longer valid. If I create a new share
or recreate an existing share, the user is fine. I can even create a new
share below the current one and the user can map to the new one but not the
existing one. Also, this is not a general occurrence as I can go to a
different Win box, in the same and different subnets, and access the
existing shares. I have not seen this on a RH linux server with the same
kernal and Samba but not in failover. Cannot say if that is the problem
piece but I am looking as to why that might cause a problem.

Can anyone answer or at least point me in a good direction? I'm about to
break out my sniffer and start looking at packets.

Pat Cookson
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