conversion of NT PDC to Samba PDC, the steps please.

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Tue Mar 13 19:07:49 GMT 2001

Hi Larry,
Well, first of all, I should ask WHY?  Not that Samba isn't the greatest
thing since
sliced bread (it is.).  But if you already have an nt pdc that is working
and authenticating your users, wouldn't it be easier to just set up your new
samba server in domain security mode, and pass the authentication off to the
already existing NT pdc?  You could set up all your file shares on the Samba
server, but still keep the NT PDC around to do the user authentication.

To actually REPLACE the NT pdc with samba, there's a good bit of work to be
done;  you have to add all of your NT users to your /etc/passwd file (if
their pc user names do not already match their unix user names), and then
you also have to sync up their passwords using smbpasswd (unless you want to
make a registry change on every one of your clients to allow them to sent
plaintext passwords over the network). In addition if your clients are
WindowsNT clients, you are going to have to add each machinename to
smbpasswd as well so that they can 'join' the domain... And Samba as an
NT/Win2k domain pdc is really only starting to be functional in the ALPHA
code (Samba 2.2.0). It's doable, but not trivial.  I would suggest that you
obtain a copy of one of the following books, that go thru this process in
detail, to decide if this is really what you need:  "Using Samba" from
O'Reilly, or "Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours" from SAMS.
Hope this helps,

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Gentlemen and ladies, I want to replace my existing NT PDC with samba
PDC.  will my other servers authenticate to this new sabma server for
its passwords? and if so must I have the passwordds encrypted. also in
your own words, what step shoiuld I take in replaceing the NT PDC. what
would you do if this were you? thanks, larry

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