Samba 2.2 CVS

Paul Sanders sanders_p at
Tue Mar 13 18:33:54 GMT 2001

Sure thing:

cvs -d :pserver:cvs at login

<password is cvs  >

cvs -z5 -d :pserver:cvs at co -r SAMBA_2_2 samba

this will grab samba_2_2 and place it in a directory lableled samba.
leaving out the SAMBA_2_2 grabs HEAD.
you can get other modules as follows:
there are others but I haven't tried them.


Paul Sanders

>>> David A. Mason 03/13 12:39 PM >>>
Please forgive my ignorance of CVS commands: would someone be so kind as to
post the command required to get the most recent 2.2 version (as opposed to
the default Samba HEAD)?

I'm not spotting a way of differentiating on the CVS page at 

Thanks much.

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