Samba PDC to Win2k + speed issues resolved yet?

Seth Northrop seth at
Tue Mar 13 17:17:15 GMT 2001

I know there has been some chatter on these issues in the past; but, I
haven't seen any mention of the problems on and/or any real
official response in the last couple of months.  (If I've missed it, my

What's the status of Windows 2k clients authenticating against a samba PDC
and, windows 2k clients generally being slow as compared to win98
clients and/or a Win 2k PDC on file copies without PDC authentication?

Has there been any progress in the CVS tree - I know the last
official alpha release didn't seem to indicate that the issues had
been addresses.. but, since then I believe there have been a couple
of strictly CVS improvements?  If so, Is it stable enough to put into

I'm getting worried that I'll have to scrap samba for win2k or some other
solution since it's becoming increasingly more and more difficult to get
new clients without windows 2k installed and a userbase that's willing to
hold off on the "upgrade".

Thanks for any insight!


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