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Johan Strydom wrote:
> Hi samba team.

	OOPS!  You sent that to the documentation team, who
	are mostly concerned with matters of sgml and XML...

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> I am using Solaris 2.7 with samba 2.07.  I have about 5 NT4.0 clients hue is using shared drives and a plotter and it is working OK.  Recently I got a new Windows 2000 client and the sharing of drives work fine, but I can't seem to get it to plot to the shared plotter.
> Are there another option I need to add into smb.conf file to get it to work?

	No, you need to debug the connection from
	the Windows 200 to Samba.

	Have a look at chapter 7 section 7.1.5 in
	the copy of Using Samba that came with
	your distribution (I hope!), or

	Basically you need to create a dummy printer,
	have the win2k machine send a job to it, and
	see what it did by making the print command
	report it's actions to you, as shown in the book.

	We are interested in what happens: we haven't seen
	that many printing problems yet with Windows 2000.

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