domain logons

Andrew Galdes galdes at
Tue Mar 13 09:04:30 GMT 2001

I have problems with the samba config file. I am trying to configure a samba 
box to do logons for windowsME machines.

I can see shares on the samba box when its in share mode. however, when its 
set to user mode (for security) the win mahcines cannt see it to log on.

the smb.conf is as follows:

# Global parameters
           netbios name = ANDREW
           server string = Samba Server
           encrypt passwords = Yes
           log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
           max log size = 50
           domain logons = Yes
           os level = 36
           preferred master = Yes
           domain master = Yes
           wins support = Yes
           guest account = guest
           security = user

any ideas why my win machines cant logon?

cheers, andrew

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